What Live Chat Service Providers Can Offer You

If you run an online business and do your research you may well already have a live chat facility on your site. You’ll have recognised the benefits of offering your customers a live, point of purchase contact point. Maybe you’ve even seen some of those benefits yourself, less shopping cart abandonment and increased sales being two of the major ones.

Many users of chat don’t make the most of what live chat service providers can offer. Check out some of the possibilities below to see if you should be doing more with your chat.

Customising the Chat Box

Most chat software comes the option to personalise the appearance of the box making it more similar to your own website. This is a subtle thing, but it can make a big difference in the way your customers perceive the box and the likelihood of them choosing to use it

Using Pro-active Chat

Your chat service can and generally should be set up invite browsers to interact with you. How and when this should be done will vary with the site. An immediate and insistent invitation will scare people away, in much the same way as a pushy salesperson will drive a potential customer of a shop.
Depending on the live chat app you’ve chosen you can set things up to suit your specific needs. You may choose to start with an initial gentle greeting, you could choose for a message to be sent when the customer has been on site for a given period of time. Your chat facility could also be set up to be triggered by the use of certain keywords in a search or by a given event.Use the most of what live chat service providers can offer

Sending Files or Pictures

This can be useful if the product you’re selling is technical. Your live chat service providers and operators can send the specifications over in a file and the client has an opportunity to go through them, with the benefit of a helpful expert to hand if there’s anything they don’t understand. Equally, a picture of a product or a video demonstrating its use can be invaluable when a potential customer is trying to decide what advantages the purchase will bring. It’s also possible for customers to send pictures or videos to you when words aren’t the best way to explain what they need.

Improving Your website

Most chat software offers you a record of chat sessions. Reviewing these can often uncover weak points in your site design, or information that needs to go in your FAQs. You might have thought that your delivery charges were clearly displayed, but if lots of customers are asking about them clearly they aren’t!

Researching Your Product

Chat is particularly powerful when it comes to uncovering ‘pain points’. Your customers will be more than happy to tell you about anything that doesn’t work well for them or problems they’ve had. It’s much better that they tell you in a chat than tell others in a review, so this is a great way to find out about the things that ‘could be better’.

Chat is a powerful sales tool and the things that can be done with it keep developing. Check with your live chat service provider for more facilities available to you and make the most of them to grow your business and stay ahead of your competition.

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