Live Chat is Important for Your Website

Introducing Mochapp - live chat applicationEvery marketing expert will confirm that good customer service plays a vital role in the success of a business, whatever size and field it may be. It’s your customers who are most successful at spreading the word of your excellent service and they will help more than anything to grow your customer base. A popular way of improving customer service is to add an online chat to your website or social media page. It’s a successful way for customers to find out more about your company and service without having to leave your webpage. Your customer’s confidence will increase and it’s sure to improve your conversion rates. Let’s look at a few reasons why live chat support is so important for every modern business.


Being able to have questions answered while in the middle of making a purchase or deciding whether to book a service is a real bonus for your customers. Research shows that nearly half of online customers say being able to ask real time questions is one of the most valuable options that can be added to any website. There are two types of customers who benefit, potential new customers and of course your current customers. Any potentially new customers will want to know more about your products, be having problems trying to find specific information and want to make product comparisons. If your chat agents are properly trained they’ll have a big influence on new sales. Current customers will want to know about the status of their orders and provide feedback on the service they’ve received.Live chat operator for your website

Money Saving

    Live chat will save your company money for the following reasons:


  • Your customer support staff will be able to participate in several conversations at one time. You won’t need to hire more staff to answer your customers many questions.
  • The average value of your orders will increase and there will be fewer product returns because your customers can get support and choose the correct products first time.
  • When you compare the cost of a live chat option with a call centre you’ll be making a saving because queues will be shorter and fewer operators will be needed.


Implementing a live chat service takes very little and won’t cost a lot.

Overcome the competition

Being competitive is vital and providing a service that others do not means you have the upper hand. Companies of all shapes and sizes are realising the importance of providing live customer support.

So as you can see providing a UK online chat option is vitally important for anyone in business today. Making the customer feel important by providing instant answers to any questions is crucial to success. They’ll feel more connected to the company and it’ll be a positive experience for everyone concerned.

Due to all the above reasons, we have developed a service, that can help a lot of businesses around the globe. Mochapp is a live chat application with live chat operators that can be easily added to your website and easily used by your customers.

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