What Does it Take to be a Good Live Chat Operator?

More and more companies are adding an instant chat facility to their website for improved customer service which in turn will mean more live chat agent jobs. The role itself can vary considerably from company to company. From providing help to selling products and somewhere in between. So what skills does it take to be a successful live chat customer support agent?

  • In live chat customer support simplest solution is the bestSimple is best. Don’t try to over complicate the solution you’re giving as the simplest one is most likely the best.
  • Take plenty of short breaks. Sitting in front of a monitor for more than a few hours at a time is not god for your health. Manage your time and be more effective by getting up walking away for say 5 or 10 minutes whenever you can. You’ll also find yourself more able t deal will frustrated and angry customers if you’ve taken a bit of time away from the job.
  • Try working with more than one monitor. Clicking between lots of different windows and applications all on one screen will take extra time. Use one monitor for live chatting and another for any other applications you need to refer to.
  • dual-monitor

  • As any business grows so the amount of relevant information grows exponentially. There’s no way you’d be expected to know everything but certain topics and questions will come up time and again. Try and work out a suitable response and keep it in your head for the next time the same situation occurs.
  • Just because there aren’t many inquires doesn’t mean you can’t be useful. On slow days don’t just put your feet up and wait for the next chat opportunity. Why not spend some time listening to other agents calls? Who knows you might learn a new techniques.
  • keyboard-shortcutsYou’ll be able to speed up your chats by making use of all available shortcuts. Most free web chats software will have them built in.
  • Check the previous chat history when a repeat customer inquiry. The customer will appreciate that you’ve taken the time and you’ll be better equipped to deal with their query quickly and efficiently.
  • Once you’ve been in the job for a while you’ll recognise the websites you visit often and applications you need to have easily accessible. For example if you’re employed to provide support, have the ticketing system open so you can check their status. Similarly if you’re playing the part of sales keep the CRM open so you can quickly identify leads.

With these helpful tips in mind we hope you’ll become successful and enjoy your career in live chat customer support. It’s become a very popular form of communication for many up to the minute companies and it certainly helps focus customer support.

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