What Does it Take to be a Good Live Chat Operator?

More and more companies are adding an instant chat facility to their website for improved customer service which in turn will mean more live chat agent jobs. The role itself can vary considerably from company to company. From providing help to selling products and somewhere in between. So what skills does it take to be a successful live chat customer support agent?

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Improve Interaction with Your Customers

Whatever type of business you’re in and whatever its size you’ll be interacting with your customers on a regular basis. And therefore it’s important to do it right. Communicating well is not a skill that comes easy to everyone. Some of your staff may need a little training and guidance so they can be effective and create a positive experience for your customers. Communication takes many different forms. It can be via a dedicated phone line, emails, contact forms or live chat. Here are some ways you can improve the interactions you and your staff have with the customer, however long you’ve been in business.

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