Live Chat for Your Website

Online chat application that allows to engage with customers.
Get the chance to answer queries and help
your client to find the best product

Customer Oriented ChatCustomer Oriented Chat

Whether you need to see what your customers are typing or require social network login, custom design for chat invitation or integration of history archives – we can build those features for you.

Customer Oriented ChatAmazing statistics

Keep track of statistical data on your customers behaviour so you can optimize your work process – the psage they entered, the time they entered, how much they’ve waited before they leave

Easy to add chat to a websiteNo need to install anything

The chat is easy to install and use, can easily be integrated on SSL servers – the whole installation process can take 5 minutes

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Unique History WindowUnique History Window

Except that we save all the chat history, we make it easy for you to access the last session with the same customer so you can read your last sessions and chat with the customer at the same time

Invitations with BannersInvitations with Banners

Design of the chat can be adjusted for your preferences, as well as we will develop a custom design of the invitation banner

Chat OptimizedChat Optimized

We know that nowadays speed is one of the major factors for a website, therefore we make our chat to load and to work as fast as possible – almost instantly

  • cleaning_gift_vouchersWe've used "MoChapp" for quite some time now and we are positive that the implication of the same in our work has led to an increase in the enquiries for our services as now we can reach a segment for the market we were unable to touch before!

  • PaulsCleaningWe're very happy with the installation of mochapp on our website - it's very easy to use, fast, user and operator oriented and with lots of features to track the traffic we received through it!

  • tick_tick_checkNow that we switched to mochapp we get even more enquiries and customers due to the light design which allows customers to safely and quickly operate with the application, and the editing functions to customize different groups and invitations which allows us to assign different features to each and every chat invitation!

  • VivaRESA"MoChapp" was the fastest and easiest way to add a chat room to our site, and our customers, they simply love it!

  • fantastic_services"MoChapp" gave us a very easy-to-use and customer-friendly alternative to taking calls. We tried a couple of more chat providers and nowhere we could find such an amazing & friendly support.

  • aussie_handymanThis amazing chat application helped us achieve more than 15% growth in sales and showed us we were missing on a lot of customers without it!

Pricing Plans

Choose our free plan to get a hang of things and then upgrade as needed.


1 live chat operator
1 chat at a time

  • Invitations
  • History in the chat panel
  • Transfer Chats
  • Last 5 messages
  • Previous Chat Info


per operator
per month

  • Invitations
  • History in the chat panel
  • Transfer Chats
  • Last 5 messages
  • Previous Chat Info


per operator
per month

  • Invitations
  • History in the chat panel
  • Transfer Chats
  • Last 5 messages
  • Previous Chat Info
Features / Pricing£0 : 1 operator
1 chat at a time
£4.99 / operator
unlimited chats
£9.99 / operator
unlimited chats
£15.99 / operator
unlimited chats
Unlimited chats operators can transfer chats between one another so they can provide a better customer service
Secure chats on SSL websites secure encrypted chats on your SSL (https) web pages.
Queue see how many customers you have in the queue
Invitations Engage your customers, send custom invites and increase your chat communication
Eye catchers add custom eye catchers
Type Indicator see what customers are typing before they even send it and prepare your response
Mobile version mobile version of the website is available for anyone
Missed Chats Statistic you can see how many missed chats you have for a specific period, so you can increase the number of the operators if needed and excel at customer service
24/7 customer support we are available 24/7, should you have any difficulties or questions you can contact us via chat or email 24/7
unlimited domains add the chats to as many of your websites you wish1 domain
Operators settings Change your passwords, Screen name, Photo
Edit groups/pages Create multiple groups with different operators replying on the queues from the same5 groups15 groupsunlimited
Moving pages move paged between different groups, rename/edit them if you need to
Delete a group
Transfer Chats transfer chats between operators
Offline Message or no chat showing up on the website if no operators are logged so you don't miss on customers, your choice choose between 2 popular options: when you are not available to take chats, either leave an offline message form or hide the chat from the website so you don't miss on customers
Ratings rate the conversation
Send the chat via email your customers can send the chat transcript to their email address
Integration of previous archives we can integrate previous archives in MoChapp > (5 operators) > (5 operators)
Log in with FB or G+ your customers can log in the chat using Facebook or G+
Last 5 chat sessions read your last 5 chats with a specific customers in the same time you are chatting with him, no need to switch tabs & pages!
Previous Chat If you have more than 1 website, with “hover” you can see the previous website your customer has entered from and the operator they spoke to
Operators Online Information about which operators are online at the moment, how many live chats does each one has at the moment, how many chats did each have in total for the entire day so far
Archives2 weeks2 months6 monthsall archives
Monitoring monitor your employees- you can watch their chats in real time
Statistics: Number of chats per day/operator
Canned Messages use predefined messages to speed up your response time and handle more customers simultaneously52040unlimited
Statistics: Invitations & chats for a certain period
Ratings Statistics
Statistics; Average chatting time per operator
Ban Customers Get rid of spammers and pay attention to your actual customers
CRM Integration we can integrate the chat in some CRM systems (ask for a quote)
Custom Features Tell us what features do you need and we can develop & integrate those for you
All new features and updates Receiving all new features and updates for free

Pricing FAQ

Do you provide discount for non-profit organizations when using Live Chat service?

Yes, we provide 20% discount when non-profit organizations use MoChapp.

Can I use MoChapp on my smart phone?

Yes. Besides on a PC or Mac, you can also use MoChapp on your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other phone devices.

Do I need a module for integration with Prestashop, Drupal, WordPress?

No, you don’t need an extra module to add chat to a website.

How long does it take to install MoChapp on my website?

You can set up MoChapp on your website within as short as 5 minutes.